Home & Community Wildfire Protection

Wildfire Protection for Homes, Properties and Communities

In wildfire areas, it’s not “if” there will be a forest fire but “when.” Many regions of the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) are considered to be high-hazard fire environments, possessing all the necessary ingredients to support large, intense, and uncontrollable wildfires. Within these hazardous environments are houses, buildings, subdivisions, developments, farms, ranches, resorts, and even entire communities all at risk for wildfire destruction with little notice.

Over thirteen million acres are lost to forest fires in Canada and the U.S. every year-destroying staggering levels of vegetation, wildlife, and natural resources, not to mention countless homes and businesses. Wildfires can spread at an alarming rate of up to twenty-three kilometers per hour, depending on weather conditions and wind speed.

A 1000 Gallon Home Wildfire Protection System Phos Chek-Your Defense for Home and Property Wildfire Protection

Phos Chek, the effective and long-lasting wildfire retardant used by the U.S. Forest Service and aerial bombers for decades, is now available to home and property owners for commercial and personal use. Featuring an easy-to-use spray system, designed to drench the surrounding landscape in minutes, Phos Chek can protect your home or business with a firewall of protection against future wildfire threats. This version does not contain the red dye commonly used by the Forest Service, so it sprays and dries clear-and it is safe to use around people, plants, and animals.

Once applied, Phos Chek will continue to protect your property until the next rain or until it is washed off-and it requires no electricity or running water to operate.

A Perimeter Wildfire Protection System - Hunter Gun Powered by compressed nitrogen, the system is totally self-contained and can be activated manually or remotely. Firebreak systems spray an adequate amount of retardant to protect the surrounding landscape from wildfire threats.

Large and/or multiple-tank systems are also available to accommodate additional structures and property perimeters. This includes extra large community systems, which are capable of protecting multiple homes and areas.

Home, Property and Community Wildfire Dectection Home and Property Wildfire Detection
The system can detect a wildfire up to 1/2 mile away by recognizing ultraviolet flames, which are undetectable by the human eye. It can be specially programmed to automatically notify you, the local fire department, and any other contact in the event of a wildfire threat.


Wildfire Retardant Aerial Drop Property & Community Wildfire Retardant
Phos Chek long-term wildfire-retardants and foams are fully qualified by the USDA Forest Service and are the worlds leading chemical solutions for the management of wildland and structural fires. All products are extremely effective and safe to use-and are environmentally friendly.

Firebreak Spray Systems Gives Homeowners and Business Owners Protection Against Wildfires

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