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Compressed Air Foam Systems   (CAFS)

When a wildfire strikes, you need the best tools on hand to quickly bring it under control. Our Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) quickly delivers instantaneous fire suppression by discharging a large volume of high-quality foam-a material that is twenty times wetter than water-and up to five times more effective!

Using our potent system, you can turn 100 gallons of water into a whopping 1,000 gallons of powerful, fire-fighting foam-an impressive 10:1 ratio!


Wildfire Suppression | Portable CAFS - Portable Compressed Air Foam Systems A more compact version of the original, this portable Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) is versatile and highly mobile-yet still delivers powerful fire suppression, right when you need it most. Because of its smaller size, it offers greater flexibility and is convenient to use in numerous fire protection applications-and it is easily stored between the wheel wells of pickups, SUV’s, or ATV’s.

This design is useful in a variety of environments, such as fire stations, forestry sites, farms, ranches, marine vessels, heliports, and manufacturing plants. You and your employees will appreciate the versatility of the system and its ease of use, particularly for farm, ranch, and rural fire protection needs, as the unit can easily be mounted on various types of farm machinery.

Just one turn of a single lever will activate the unit-no muss, no fuss. Upon activation, it automatically produces a powerful projection of fire suppression foam-up to 75 feet with a 1-1/2? hose line. And the unit is easy to recharge, too!

For long life and use, we coat our components with a special powder-coat paint, wherever practical. Other components in the system are stainless steel, brass or rust?proof materials. The unit also accommodates specialized foams designed for the suppression of petroleum fires and hazardous spill cleanups.

> The Portable CAFS is available in 30, 60 and 120 gallon units to whatever your needs require.

> Wheels can be attached directly to the unit for greater mobility.

Truck / Trailer Mounted SkidCAFS

Truck Trailer Mount Skid CAFS - Compressed Air Foam Systems

Our slip-on Skid Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) can produce even more high quality foam for rapid fire suppression or structure protection. Engineered to provide years of dependable service, it offers unsurpassed fire protection for rural and suburban homeowners, farms, and ranches-even resorts and entire communities.

The Skid CAFS is a significant force multiplier for fire departments and remote or rural communities with limited resources because it has minimal maintenance requirements and is economical to operate. With its almost-instantaneous activation, it is able to outperform similar, more expensive CAFS systems-and it is uncomplicated and easy to use. This completely self-contained system features automatic foam proportioning, drafting, and refill capabilities for added usability.

Available in 100 to 1000 gallon water capacity, The Skid CAFS is designed to fit your vehicle, whatever its size. Powered by a screw compressor (gas or diesel), it is able to run from an indefinite air supply-and can also be equipped to run from stored air cylinders, if necessary.

The unit is 48″ wide by 92″ long depending on the size of your water tank and fits standard pickup beds-but it can be sized to fit your needs. It operates at a rate of 350 gpm to 900 gpm at 125 psi, depending on your pump size.

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