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Home and Property Wildfire System Services

Our consultation begins with a property site visit, in which we fully inspect your property, offering recommendations about how to make your property more fire safe. In some cases, we may offer a pre-treatment of Phos-Chek retardant, which consists of spraying fire danger zones (usually outside of the irrigated and landscaped areas). Phos-Chek is long-lasting, and is effective until the next rain or until it is washed off.

After we have conducted a thorough site visit, we will offer our recommendations for your particular property, based on its size, landscape type, and natural vegetation, taking into account the fire protection needs of any buildings located on the property. Our recommendations are based upon these site-specific factors, as well as how much fire protection you desire.

When installing your fire system, we always keep aesthetics in mind. It is our goal to maintain your property’s appearance and to keep it looking good throughout the installation procedure. Following is an outline of the process:

> From the central system, piping is run to the guns that will spray the Phos-Chek retardant.
> Once the system is installed, it is filled with water and test run to check for leaks and proper protection coverage.
> When the test is completed, the system is filled with Phos-Chek retardant and is ready for use.

Yearly services include inspections and maintenance checks for all of our installed systems. The systems are checked for leaks in the lines, nitrogen tanks, air pressure levels, and proper spray head operation. This is done in order to make sure all systems are fully operational and prepared for the yearly wildfire season. During this time, Firebreak can also expand the size of system if any remodeling has occurred to the property over the previous year, or if you decide that you want additional fire protection. Firebreak emergency response services are also available in certain areas.

If the system is discharged, Firebreak will schedule a service call in order to refill the system with Phos-Chek wildfire retardant and to recharge the nitrogen tanks which power the system, allowing Firebreak to operate without running water or electricity.