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The Importance for Early Wildfire Detection

Western wildfires occur almost on a yearly basis. Using considerable efforts to improve wildfire survivability of red zone homes, the losses just continue to grow.

Why does this happen? Because we’re rarely successful in stopping wind-driven wildfires in drought conditions when there is simply too much available fuel in the form of dry, flammable vegetation, and the merciless wind causes the wildfires to spread at an even faster rate.

Where there’s so much at stake, leaving fire detection to chance seems almost negligent. As responsible home and business owners, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and fight fire with fire.

FIRE SCOUT X3 Wildfire Sensor

Wildfire Detection | Fire Scout X3 The Fire Scout X3 Wildfire Sensor eliminates this possibility of negligence by providing early detection and communication during a wildfire event. The Fire Scout X3 is a flame sensor capable of detecting wildfires up to an incredible half-mile away-by recognizing ultraviolet rays the human eye can’t see. Once the fire is detected, it can communicate the detection of a fire event by calling designated telephone numbers and giving property owners and managers critical time to take action.

Here are just some of the features and benefits that come with this patented and innovative wildfire detector and sensor communication system:

> No moving parts, therefore makes it reliable under all weather conditions.

> Can run for years on battery or solar power.

> Each unit continuously monitors a nearly hemispherical field of view.

> Nearby barbeques or other known flames can easily be ignored by simply the placement of blinders.

> Can separately adjust the sensitivity to nearby fires versus distant fires.

> Can easily be hidden.

> The unit can be programmed to dial 911 and sound an audible warning inside your home prior to the manual activation of the system.

> Can run for years on solar power.

> Up to four telephone numbers can be called upon detection to be notified of the alert.

If you require a 360-degree monitoring system, up to four Fire Scout X3’s will be strategically placed on your property to guarantee full coverage. This permits sensitivity to be reduced in the direction of nearby homes, thus focusing the direction at the wildfire in the forest or open space land.

The use of separate sensors to monitor the north, south, east, and west keeps objects such as chimneys or nearby trees from blocking the view.